Make Memories With a Friend

It is not a sign of disrespect, I keep telling myself, it is just the joy of the moment, the huge desire to go against the established. She is my muse, my close friend, and ever since our first editorial I long dreamed of the day I could do a shooting with her again. She was and is so stunningly gorgeous, confident, and with such passion for work that I can relate to her. 

It took a bit for me to get used to the foreign environment, to a new land, and it was really easy to, people are just far more accustomed to what I was doing that I quickly became invisible and comfortable to keep snapping photos. Even when the owner of this record store joked around telling us he would sue if we took advantage and used these photographs for commercial purposes… We didn’t, I only ever wanted to keep my heart full of gladness. Also, I loved the location, it reminded me of a dance sequence in J.Lo’s music video for ‘I’m gonna be alright’.

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