Finding Grey in Colors

When I started photography I thought of it as the most glamorous thing ever, no kidding, imagine a 15 year old me surfing the net for all the high quality images that legendary photographer Tony Duran did with Jennifer Lopez. They worked together for a variety of things; magazines, cover stories, album art, etc. There was no doubt for me, I wanted… I had to be a photographer, capturing an image never seemed to be as epic as the cover of a magazine, all the contrast, the perfection, the styling… everything had harmony to it.

Then I had my first encounter with Vogue and suddenly all the shades of grey were wonderful, it was a clear Segway and the biggest difference between ordinary photography and fashion photography. 

I remember at first everything was just super neat, well-lit, unreachable. I wonder if I ever could create images with such value. I still wonder by the way, I guess that self-doubting never fully go away, it just gets tamed with time. Pacified at least.

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